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Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design -
Geoffrey Bunting Graphic Design is an independent design studio based in the UK. We create books, brand solutions, typography, websites, signage, and more for clients and ourselves. Previous clients include National Geographic, Harper Collins, Pearson, and of course Nunkie. They are responsible for the development of Nunkie's branding and website.

The Dracula Society -
The Society was formed in October 1973 to cater for lovers of the Vampire and his Kind - werewolves, mummies, mad scientists, and all the other monsters spawned by the Gothic genre.

Ghosts & Scholars -
Ghosts & Scholars was founded in 1979 to encouraging scholarly research into James, his themes and his followers. The newsletter is edited by Rosemary Pardoe.

Brian J Showers -
Author website for Brian J Showers and home of The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost StoriesLiterary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin, The Swan River Press and The Bram Stoker Society.

A Ghostly Company -
A Ghostly Company was formed in April 2004 and is a literary society devoted to the ghost story in all its forms, though preference is given to the traditional and time-honoured fiction, as well as more modern and contemporary authors.

Literary Gothic -
The Literary Gothic is a web guide to all things concerned with literary Gothicism, which includes ghost stories, ‘classic’ Gothic novels and Gothic fiction (1764-1820), and related pre- and post-Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to the mid-C20.

Horror Unlimited -
The official publisher of Diabolique magazine. A worldwide group of dedicated horror movie memorabilia collectors, archivists/historians, journalists, film industry veterans and paper conservationists. 

Hemingford Grey Manor -
Website for the old home of childrens’ author and occasional ghost story writer Lucy M Boston, and Nunkie Theatre Company’s favourite venue.

The Oleander Press -
The Oleander Press has been Cambridge’s leading small publisher for over fifty years, specialising in classic horror, local fiction, poetry and history of the town and county. Publisher of Whipplesnaith’s cult classic Night Climbers of Cambridge. Submissions welcomed.

Shelagh Bidwell -
Nunkie's talented next door neighbour whose work can be found throughout these pages.

Swan River Press -
The Swan River Press specialises in literature of the Gothic, fantastic, strange, and supernatural, with an emphasis on Ireland’s past and present contributions to the genre.

A Thin Ghost -
A Thin Ghost is a website devoted to "the understated master of ghastliness, Montague Rhodes James OM MA. Here you'll find reference to the books, films and illustrations which together form the expanded canon of all things Jamesian.