Nunkie's esteemed patrons...

These be the names of those generous folk who contributed to the 2016 Autumn tour of The Time Machine: An Invention. Many heartfelt Nunkie thanks to:

Kaya Adams

Beth Allen

Fernando Aragon

Raymond Baker

Melissa Bavington

W.C. Beck

Stephen Beer

Bob Bellamy

Jenni and Antony Bishop

Rob Bodger

Desmond Bradley

Stephen Brasher

Matthew Brown

PJ and AJ Bryant

Carl and Janine

Sarah Carolan

Sally Christie and Ben Norland

Marta Cobb and Pakorn Phornnarit

Gina R Collia

Clive Cooke

Porl Cooper

Richard Cottam

Ian Curd

ADW Decorators

Gary Royston Dennett

Kris Dikeman

James Drewett, Pleasing Terror Games

Tim Edwards

Karen Ellery

Kate Ellis

Joanna Finegan

Tim Foley

Rebecca Fox

Marina Frasca-Spada

Natalie Sheehan Gray

Stephen Graves

George Hadjipateras

Kat Harrington

Gerry Hayes

Martin Hayes

Andy Heathcote

Roy Hill

Irene Lorraine Houldsworth

John Hunter

Scott B Hutchison

Andrew James

Boris Jardine

Nick Jardine

Roger Johnson

Sue Jones

Pat Koumi

Julia Kruk

Marek Kukula

Huw Lines

David Little

Richard Lloyd Parry

Soo Martin

Derek and Jane Matravers

Ken Mackenzie

Adam Mead

Sarah Meakin

John & Emma Mills

David Paul Morgan

Stephen Murphy

Joshua Nall

Mark Nixon

Reggie Oliver

Philip O’Shaughnessy

John Owens

Simon A Perry

Garry Platt

Tim Price

Sue Purseglove

Tina Rath

Momoyo Reichmann

Andrew Richaier

Jim Rockhill

Shelley Roche-Jacques

Mark Sayers

Nat Segnit

Brian Showers

Debi Skadorwa

Alison Smith

Kirk Snavely

Jan Tarry

Christopher Thom

Alice Tranah

Tracy Vose

Paul Wakelam

Ben Walker

Sharon Walker

Eric Damon Walters

Mike Whelan

Alex Williams

Denise Wilkin

Duncan Wilson

Chrissy Wright




An M R James war speech

A century ago today, while the Battle of the Somme raged, M R James addressed The Cambridge Tipperary Club, a group of war widows and wives, at the unveiling of their roll of honour. The speech was well received and later published by Cambridge University Press. I recently recorded MRJ's words, and they can be heard for the first time in 100 years here:


A Nunkie Appeal...

I’m thrilled to announce that Nunkie’s one-man adaptation of “The Time Machine” will be touring England this autumn, to coincide with H G Wells’s 150th birthday. The show toured to critical acclaim in 2014, and I’m delighted to be taking it back on the road.

“The Time Machine” is a more technically demanding affair than the candlelit, armchair-bound M R James shows, and requires that I travel with a technician. In order to guarantee that this indispensable member of the team receives a fair Nunkie wage, I am launching a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the link

I hope the description there is clear enough, but if you have any further questions please do get in touch. And if you think any friends, family members or acquaintances who are not yet on my mailing list would be interested then please do pass the details on to them. I attach an image of the poster that forms the basis of all the rewards.

The tour kicks off in Southport on 17th September and ends in Cambridge on 15th October. You can see the full schedule at

The Time Machine on the road

This September is the 150th birthday of H G Wells, and to celebrate Nunkie is oiling up its giant metronome and taking its adaptation of Wells’s The Time Machine on tour again. Dates can be seen on the Performance Schedule page of the website.

The show last toured in 2014 to modestly sized audiences, but enthusiastic reviews. You can see some here