A Nunkie Appeal...

I’m thrilled to announce that Nunkie’s one-man adaptation of “The Time Machine” will be touring England this autumn, to coincide with H G Wells’s 150th birthday. The show toured to critical acclaim in 2014, and I’m delighted to be taking it back on the road.

“The Time Machine” is a more technically demanding affair than the candlelit, armchair-bound M R James shows, and requires that I travel with a technician. In order to guarantee that this indispensable member of the team receives a fair Nunkie wage, I am launching a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the link


I hope the description there is clear enough, but if you have any further questions please do get in touch. And if you think any friends, family members or acquaintances who are not yet on my mailing list would be interested then please do pass the details on to them. I attach an image of the poster that forms the basis of all the rewards.

The tour kicks off in Southport on 17th September and ends in Cambridge on 15th October. You can see the full schedule at http://www.nunkie.co.uk/schedule