Oh, Whistle...

Two Ghost Stories by M R James • Performed by R M Lloyd Parry

... Parkins, who very much dislikes being questioned about it, did once describe something of it in my hearing, and I gathered that what he chiefly remembers is a horrible, an intensely horrible, face of crumpled linen. What expression he read upon it he could not or would not tell, but that the fear of it went nigh to maddening him is certain ...

Over a century after their first publication, the ghost stories of M R James retain their power to terrify and amuse.

Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad – a tale of nocturnal horror on the Suffolk coast – is considered by many to be author’s masterpiece. It is beautifully complemented here by The Ash Tree, a story of witchcraft and vengeance down the generations.

Lloyd Parry was utterly hypnotic, holding the audience in thrall…
- The Orcadian

Suitable for ages 13+
Performance lasts approx 100 minutes including interval.

Read an article by Robert Lloyd Parry about the original illustrations for ‘Oh, Whistle…’ here.

A filmed performance of “Oh, Whistle…” and a documentary about the background to the story can be purchased here.


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Preview of The Ash Tree

Photos courtesy of Kevin Jamieson and Shelagh Bidwell.