A Warning to the Curious on DVD

 “Sometimes, you see him, and sometimes you don't. It’s just as he pleases, I think: he's there, but he has some power over your eyes...”

On the coast of Suffolk, a young archaeologist is haunted and hunted by the guardian of an ancient treasure.

A Warning to the Curious is arguably M R James’s last great ghost story. Published in 1925, it draws on the author’s own experience of holidaying in Aldeburgh, and seems at the same to time to be a response to the traumas of the first World War. Robert Lloyd Parry here performs the story in a single take, by the light of a single candle, and in an accompanying documentary looks at the cultural and historical influences on the tale.

The English seaside has never looked so menacing.

Bonus Features:
“Dim Presences.” A 1hr documentary looking at the cultural and historical influences behind James’s masterpiece.
A reading of M R James’s July 1916 speech to The Cambridge Tipperary Club.
Songs by Patricia Hammond.



Oh, Whistle... on DVD

 “… The sound he produced had a quality of infinite distance to it, and, soft as it was, he felt certain that it must somehow be audible for miles around...”

A windswept golfing holiday on the Suffolk coast takes on a nightmarish shape when Professor Parkins blows on a long-buried whistle.

Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad is considered by many to be M R James’s finest ghost story. Probably first read to the author’s friends in Cambridge at Christmas 1903, it has now been brought back to thrilling life in this new collaboration between Nunkie and ThomThom Productions. Filmed in one take, by the light of a single candle, at Hemingford Grey Manor, this is supernatural storytelling at its most stark and effective.

It is accompanied here by a new documentary, “Wits in Felixstowe,” which looks at some of the people and locations that might have inspired the tale. This was made possible with the generous support of many patrons.

Bonus Features:
“Wits in Felixstowe.” A 40 minute documentary.
A rehearsed reading of M R James’s short story ‘Rats.’
Patricia Hammond performing Robert Burns’s “Whistle an’ I’ll Come to Ye, Me Lad.”


Casting the Runes on DVD

… He put his hand into the well-known nook beneath the pillow. It did not get so far. What he touched then was, according to his account, a mouth. With teeth. And with hair about it. And not, he declares, the mouth of a human being…

Meet Mr Karswell, ‘The Abbot of Lufford’ – magic lanternist, historian of the occult, and scourge of the academic establishment. Casting the Runes is one of M R James’s most admired tales. Now it has been brought to thrilling life in this new collaboration between Nunkie and ThomThom Films. Filmed in one take by the light of a single candle, this is storytelling at its most stark and effective.

So pour yourself a glass of something comforting, draw the curtains and enjoy one of the eeriest stories ever told…

Bonus feature: An rehearsed reading by Robert Lloyd Parry of A Vignette, M R James's final, posthumously published piece of supernatural writing.

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...His eye sockets were appallingly hollow, and he lifted his chin as the blind do when they seek...

Robert Lloyd Parry reads two little known supernatural tales by Lucy M Boston [1892 – 1990], the author most famous for her acclaimed series of Green Knowe children's novels. The Tiger-Skin Rug is a mysterious tale, describing what happens when the spirit of the jungle visits a quiet English village . . . In Curfew the tolling of a long-silent bell awakens a shocking, ancient evil. It has been hailed as one of the most chilling tales in the M R James tradition.

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Are there here and there sequestered places which some curious creatures still frequent...?

James asked this question at the end of the last ghost story he ever wrote – A Vignette, published in a London newspaper, five months after his death. This is one of nine shorter works included on this pleasingly terrifying new audio CD, two of which have never been recorded before.

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