Nunkie Tours

Nunkie offers expertly guided literary and cultural tours of museums and landmarks in Cambridgeshire and beyond; a selection of those that are currently available can be seen below. We are also happy to come up with bespoke tours, and are very interested in hearing your ideas.

Please contact if you have any comments, suggestions of requirements.


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Fear in the Fitz

A guided tour of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, looking at objects and images that deal with FEAR, led by storyteller and art historian Robert Lloyd Parry.

What previous guests have said:

“Robert Lloyd Parry leads his rapt audience down obscure and surprising side-roads in an affable and amusing way, but invariably with a hint of mystery and menace and the macabre.”

“Informative, absorbing and fun!”                                                     “Inspiring. I loved it!”

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Ghost Writers on the Cam

Few towns have bred so many first rate writers of ghost stories as Cambridge. Yet many of these master storytellers are forgotten today.

Ghost Writers on the Cam seeks to revive some reputations.

It is a walking tour of Cambridge that revisits some of the stories and haunts of these imaginative souls. Breathes new life into old tales. Puts some flesh back onto mouldering literary bones.

Tours run most Sundays throughout the year, and are led by actor and historian Robert Lloyd Parry who specializes in performing the works of M R James.

The walk lasts approx 2 hrs and tickets cost £10 per person.

Suitable for ages 12+